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Associates & Staff

Pat McNary

James McAra

Nathan Dery
Operations Manager CAN

Brandon Dorn
Operations Director USA

Michael Wipf
Business Development

Elisa Bekiesch
Art Director

Nick Shekerjian
Designer Architecture

Darko Marinkovic
Designer Solidworks

Hakan Ozcan
Designer 3D Modeling

Oliver Farrell
Junior Project Manager

Thomas Lorenz
Project Manager

Michael Juszczyk
Junior Project Manager

Justine Doiron

Keith Walley
Site Crew

Miles Slape
Site Crew

Sammy Burnett
Site Lead

Alex Bourque
Site Lead

Adam Marion
Site Crew

Kevin Case
Site Crew

George Fine
Site Crew

Open Positions

3D Modeler

As a 3D modeler you will be responsible for creating virtual worlds and characters. You will be breathing life into sketches and concept art. You will be working in a team with lots of other talented artists, engineers and programmers. You must be well versed with industry standard 3D modeling programs and tools. Good spatial skills and a well honed sense of color and design will help you succeed in this job.



  • Expert level knowledge of 3D design and animation tools such as 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush etc.

  • An eye for detail and good visualization skills

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in 3D design and modeling

  • Technical diploma in 3D modeling or a degree in fine arts

CAD Technician

You will work in 2D design (surface modelling) and 3D design (solid modelling). Initially, you'll use surface modelling to draw a flat representation of the product. Clients will then see the plans and give feedback, before our engineers build and test a prototype.

In solid modelling, you'll create a 3D display of a structure or component. Our engineers could then use this to take a virtual tour around the inside of a new building. Or they may look inside a piece of manufacturing machinery to see where improvements could be made. We'll also use your designs to help prepare cost estimates on projects, and produce assembly instructions and maintenance manuals for installation and removal.



  • College diploma in Design

  • Two (2) years experience in Design

  • Advanced knowledge of design software, including AutoCAD and Rhino

  • Ability to read building plans


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