Starbucks Carbon

This Starbucks store renovation was a project that Westbank engaged Exhibau to complete because of its complexity and the inclusion of carbon fibre elements. As we had previously built the first carbon fibre stand alone structure for BMW Guggenheim, the experience was existing and ready to use for the execution this Kengo Kuma vision.

Exhibau-Starbucks-PP 0701.JPG


This flagship store entails 51 carbon fibre cabling supports for a likewise countertop having a thickness of just a few millimetres. It is suspended by an array of tension cables attached to the atrium ceiling. The cables also pierce through the table and are anchored to the floor.


The varying geometries of each of the cables made execution difficult as there were existing pre-defined points of penetration through the countertop. This required the ceiling-to-floor cabling points be coordinated flawlessly.

Exhibau-Starbucks-PP 0105_2.jpg

The additional lighting that was added to feature the carbon rods was an additional component to implement during construction progress and the expedited timeline required constant communication lines be open and operating.

Bosa summit

The summit light installation was created by Tangible Interaction, with engineering, fabrication and install by Exhibau. It is custom-designed for the sales centre for BlueSky Properties’ new Squamish Development.



The light extrusions created a very minuscule opportunity for the arm connections to be designed and executed. The possible variances being so small forced our team to design and fabricate within automated manufacturing industry specifics and tolerances.

The 72 custom-made steel connectors were modelled within the complex geometry in 3d software in order to maintain quality control and then

Installation was coordinated with temporary rigging points being activated on an as-needed basis throughout the process and were then removed for final presentation.