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The pop-up TED theater was designed to create a sense of intimacy. The idea was to create a circular stage with the audience wrapping a full 180 degrees around it, and to have all the seating levels raked so that the distance between the speaker on stage and the last row was never more than 80 feet.

TED-Vancouver-2016 -124.jpg

The theater was designed as individual boxes ranging from 8’ x 12’ x 20’ to lengths of around 40’ which fit together for easy assembly. Each individual box withstands the dynamic forces imposed when moved and, in total, it’s designed to stand up to the normal live/dead loads in any other building. The theater build was scheduled down to the hour, and there was zero wiggle-room in timing, as it needed to be ready for speaker rehearsals on Sunday.

TED-Vancouver-2016 -76_2.jpg

The theatre for TED’s Flagship Conference was built nearby with more than 8,000 structural glulam components and 6,000 sheathing elements created with the help of CNC machining and arrives at Vancouver Convention Center each year on 70 step deck trailers.


Reduxwood manufactures specialty furniture under our UnderWaterWood© brand. With over 20 years of experience in lumber, furniture and high-end residential and commercial projects, we are able to provide custom solutions for all of our customers’ needs.



The concept of this booth was to tell their incredible story at the same time as showcasing their exotic wood slab product line. This was accomplished by utilizing every square foot of booth space with product to interact with.


The product showcase was vertically implemented in order to save booth space and maintaining the ability to display as many of their species line as possible.


The resin sculpture was delivered as a bespoke art piece to tell the underwater story and specifically to show one of the most dense root systems in the world.

LuLULEMON Seawheeze

SeaWheeze isn’t your average half marathon. In fact, it may just be the most breathtakingly beautiful and ridiculously fun half marathon in the world. Over 10,000 runners descend on Vancouver to sweat it out over a weekend of yoga, running, and of course, one hell of an awesome party. Prepare to harness your powers of positivity, physicality, and mindfulness, all while taking in next-level natural beauty. Crush some goals (and maybe a few brews), and get swept away in a weekend of fun you’ll never forget. 



The client engaged Exhibau to complete multiple installs for the Seawheeze 2018 event including this 3d manifesto, interior gateway arches and a fabric trim line for the divider wall in their convention centre ballroom store.


The 3d manifesto was created to become an evergreen product in order to be able to reuse year after year. Made for exterior or interior display, the manifesto was created from cnc foam elements hard coated for weather protection.


The interior arches were developed as a 3-part roll-in system in order to have rapid movement possible as well as shortening the installation and removal time needed.


In building well-diversified, cash-flowing portfolios, Nicola Wealth maintains a high standard, focusing on high-quality, well-run companies. As a signatory of the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), Nicola Wealth uses environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) principles as part of our investment analysis and decision-making process as a way to identify factors that may impact an investment’s ability to perform for our clients.



The Lead / Impact Conference Event was held in order to show a brief history of the company as well as plan for the current state of affairs of the global investment marketplace. The call to action was a depiction of global leaders and their historic developments in communication.


The transitional tunnel was created to immerse the patrons within the call-to-action in order to create the storyline backdrop of the conference.


Composed of reusable materials, panelling and light boxes, the tunnel will create multiple evergreen products that NWM will continue to use year after year.