Fight for Beauty was an exhibition curated by Westbank of Vancouver as a way of expressing their evolution and sharing their journey, while describing the enormous, ongoing effort they continue to pour into the fight, to nurture, create, protect and celebrate beauty in all forms.



The FFB pavilion involved elements of structural scaffolding, wood veneer flooring, acrylic set pieces and botany arrangements custom curated for each segment of the event. The placement of the pavilion was in a multi-way plaza that posed various logistics challenges to be overcome. The speed at which we constructed the structure was critical to overlay daily operations of the adjacent businesses.


The custom-designed and made piano is potentially the world’s most valuable piece of its kind and was placed resting on a custom-built stage riser of white acrylic.


The pavilion featured a museum curation audio system that utilized location transponders and was pivotal in the execution of knowledge transmission of the client’s art pieces and development projects.

BMW Guggenheim Lab

The BMW Guggenheim Lab initiated its multi-city tour in New York City’s vibrant neighborhood on the border between the Lower East Side and the East Village. The programs transpired in a diversity of forms, including tours, workshops, debates, roundtable discussions, screenings, performances, experiments, and Comfort Series lectures given by various urban luminaries.



The pavilion was the first-ever building to have a carbon fibre structure and functioned as a mobile studio-cum-stage. The pavilion was comprised of a black mesh-clad box, elevated by the lightweight framework that makes it easily transportable.


Nestled between two existing buildings, the structure shelters a courtyard studio that is open to the street at both ends. A rigging of lighting, screens, audio equipment and other tools is suspended behind the mesh and can be lowered into the studio for different activities.


The supporting structure of the 30m long, 8m high, and 6m wide building was made of carbon fiber.

NIKE ice box

"Get Out Here" is the slogan Nike chose to encourage athletes to train and play outdoors this winter. The campaign, which kicked off with a cool "Snow Day" ad in late October, coincides with the promotion of a line of new winter gear designed to help athletes battle the elements and perform at a high level in cold conditions.

Joseph Burns Photo-Tangram_DSC7357 close upPanorama.jpg


The pavilion was erected as an open-air training facility on top of a barge in the Chicago River. The floating white exoskeleton emblazoned with a giant silver swoosh would serve as a training centre.

Joseph Burns Photo-Tangram_DSC6611 Panorama.jpg

The barge construction was a challenging aspect to the build of the pavilion and required specialized safety orientation, training and execution. The towing into place also posed significant logistics challenges as the 5 mile trip was done once the structure was fully constructed.

Joseph Burns Photo-Tangram_DSC6672 elevation Panorama.jpg

The exoskeleton was built of glulam timber elements that were arranged in a multi-directional pattern and were filled with tensioned fabric triangles.